This book comes to you from science as well as from the heart.  It will teach you, the woman, and you, the man:

  • How to have more satisfying sexual experiences.
  • How to have more fun with sex!
  • How to have more intimacy through your sexual connection!
  • How straight men can comfortably experience the pleasures of the prostate.

For Men: How to have your partner give you a prostatic massage that will give you pleasure and intensify your orgasms!

For Women: You can give your guy a male g-spot massage – it’s easy to learn and fun to do!  And it’s good for his prostate health!

And I have made it so relaxed:  the book is light-hearted and friendly – easy for you to read.  It is chockfull of really practical techniques that are simple to learn and effortless to do. And will change your life and your sex life!

Here you have the opportunity to learn from a woman with decades of experience as a medical doctor as well as a teacher of sexuality and a sex therapist/sex coach.  You benefit from my wisdom and insight that comes with years of helping people like you.  Helping them to create a deeper and richer sex life – just like you can have by buying this book.


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