The Book

Did you know that basically every man is curious about prostate pleasure? However this is the last taboo so they may not feel comfortable talking about that interest. And they may not want to actually do anything anything about that interest at the moment. However they do want to know more.

So here Dr Erika Thost gives you an easy and relaxed way to get that information for both the men and the women: how to go about giving him prostate pleasure. We are breaking down the last frontier of the unspeakable!

This book is not about prostate cancer. This book is only about promoting prostate pleasure and prostate health. If we pay some positive attention to the prostate now, there may be fewer problems down the line.

This book gives you clear and detailed instructions for doing a prostate massage. It includes answers to all those questions that you were afraid to ask. And you get this information in an accessible and light-hearted way.

And the other reason to pay attention to the prostate: basically every man has some prostate issues in middle age. And in this book we talk about ways to promote prostate health by doing prostate massage.

The biggest prize goes to those who are willing to experiment!

You will learn about:
– How to make it easy for the woman: easy to learn and easy to do
– How you miss out by not doing it
– How to make it a turn on for the woman
– How to do it safely and comfortably
– How to keep it clean
– Which supplies you need
– Why you want to do this
– How it makes the male orgasm better
– How to turn him on and get him ready – nice and slow
– How to do this as a quickie

Everything you have always wanted to know – all in one place in a friendly and humorous style.

And there is also a chapter on how to do this from a totally different non-sexual angle: how it works to have a therapeutic prostatic massage by a medical professional for prostate problems or for preventative care.

Dr Erika says to men:
If you have any problems, however minor or major, that are related to prostate problems such as urinary and / or sexual function, please do not continue to suffer: there are ways for you to feel better. So do take action now so that you can enjoy life to the fullest! Don’t believe the myth that these issues automatically come with aging and that there is nothing you can do about them. Find the care that you need. Fight the good fight for yourself so that you can be at the top of your game and feel that you have your life back!