Prostate Massage:
a Fun and Sexy Path to Pleasure:
Dr. Patti Talks to Erika Thost, M.D., Founder of SexyProstate.com

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Why should women be the only ones having delicious, mind-opening, body-warming, heart-tingling G-spot massages? So many men would love to have one, and either don’t know they exist, don’t know how to ask for one, or, don’t know that their girlfriend or wife just might be willing… or be totally delighted… to give them one. Whether you are new to this subject of male prostate massage, also known as the “male g-spot”, or are just looking for a rollicking-good-fun discussion between Doctors Erika and Patti, (which alone is worth listening in for), stop on by and learn how you might expand your range of potential pleasures! Check out learning way more about this very pleasurable gift to men — and to the givers of this delight as well! –Yours, Dr. Patti Taylor, of ExpandedLovemaking.com


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Prostate Massage: a Fun and Sexy Path to Pleasure: Dr. Patti Talks to Erika Thost, M.D., Founder of SexyProstate.com

Announcer:  This program is intended for mature audiences only.

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Dr. Patti Taylor: In this awesome show, you’ll learn all about the ins and outs of fun and sexy male prostate massage.  Learn how this male G-spot can bring a man fabulous amounts of pleasure, and help control, expand, and extend orgasm.  It can even feel amazing to women.  Find out how to give one, and even how to ask for one.


Dr. Patti Taylor: Welcome to the Expanded Lovemaking Show.  I’m your host Dr. Patti Taylor, and I teach people how to give and receive way more pleasure than they ever dreamed possible.  Today on the show, we’re talking about male prostate massage, a fun and sexy path to pleasure.  Our guest is Erika Thost, M.D., creator of the sexy prostate CD set.

Dr. Erika Thost: The stretch of the anus is such that you have the external sphincter, the opening, and there’s tons of pleasure.  I mean, you can just massage there for half an hour and they’ll be ecstatic, and that can be the lovemaking session for the day.  And as you go in a little bit, that spot that I think you were talking about is the internal sphincter.  It’s another ring of muscle, and it’s almost even a little bit more intimate and makes a sense of excitement when it’s penetrated.  And that even can be very satisfying to the man right there, and then the prostate is past that.  So I think we all get the picture that there’s a lot of fun to be had down there.

Dr. Erika Thost: What you’re doing is also, you’re creating a pattern.  The man already associates pleasure with his penis, and now we’re teaching–there’s a learning that anal pleasure can be associated with sexual pleasure, and that prostate sensations can be associated with sexual pleasure.  And just like when we first learned about our G-spot it helped, and it still is wonderful, to have a lot of clit as well.

Dr. Patti Taylor: Dr. Thost helps men and women expand their lovemaking by learning all about the prostate, also known as the male G-spot, and how to give and receive exquisite pleasure to this area.  So welcome, Dr. Thost.  I’m so glad you could make it here today.  Can I call you Erika?

Dr. Erika Thost: I’m happy here too.

Dr. Patti Taylor: Erika is a medical doctor who focuses her practice on sexuality and therapeutic prostatic massage.  She lives on the central coast of California and teaches workshops around the country.  I’m so glad you’re here with us today.  I think our listeners will be fascinated by what you have to say because so few people are talking about the subject, especially passionately, the way you do.  Yet this is an area capable of bringing so much pleasure to a man and also the women who can give him this pleasure.  And so we’re really glad to hear what you’re going to tell us.

Dr. Erika Thost: Well actually, Patti, it turns out–and it’s so funny, the whole topic is funny–we’re going to keep laughing, right?  You can’t talk about prostate, or butt, or male G-spot, without giggling.  So we’ll just let the giggling happen when it does.  And our listeners can too.   However, it turns out that the real G-spot is the hot new topic for heterosexual couples.  The guys are really, really curious about it.

Dr. Patti Taylor: Well good.  It’s wonderful.  So let’s get started.  What is the prostate?  And how do you massage it?

Dr. Erika Thost: OK.  So the prostate is a spot inside the anus that men have towards the front that, if you ask most people about the prostate–men and women–when they’re young, they’ll say “oh, I don’t know, you know, whatever”, and when they’re older, they say “well, it causes trouble”.  Well, my mission is to say the prostate is way more than that.  The prostate is the man’s other sexual organ, and there is a lot of pleasure, a lot of ecstasy, to be had with the prostate, and possibly more improved health.

Dr. Patti Taylor: Well, you’re a woman.  Why is it so important for you to be talking about a man’s prostate.

Dr. Erika Thost: I’ll tell you.  It was not my choice of specialty coming out of medical school.  It just came to me.  I just started getting really interested in the prostate, and I realized that men are neglected.  I feel that there is so much learning to be done with the prostate, and it’s not happening.  We women, we’ve had a lot of focus on our G-spots, and on our clits, and how to pleasure them.  I mean, you yourself made that wonderful DVD, Expand Her Orgasm Tonight, which I’ve loved for years, and it’s served women well.  But what about the guys?

Dr. Patti Taylor: Well, thank you very much for that acknowledgement.  And I know coming out for me, talking about orgasm, was quite a risk.  Female orgasm, when I came out with that was kind of chargy, to go to a cocktail party and say what my new DVD was about.  I’m wondering, what is it like for you as a medical doctor, and as a women, to say “yes, I have a CD out, it’s called Sexy Prostate”.  What is the response you get from men, and what is it like being a medical doctor and coming out about this topic?

Dr. Erika Thost: That is a very cool question, Patti, because I end up talking to urologists whenever I have the chance.  So I’ve talked to several dozen so far–I just grab them and make them talk to me–and not a single one of them had heard of the concept of pleasure via the prostate.  So I am in that interesting situation of educating my peers who are more specialized than I am, which is definitely a tricky situation.  And I love the possibility of getting to do that as well as educating regular people.  Everyone–I want to spread the word.

Dr. Patti Taylor: So, do you have any concerns, as a medical doctor, that people are going to have judgments on you, that “oh, what are you doing, talking about the prostate, what is a doct doing”?  Do you feel like you’re carving new ground?  Is this a vulnerable thing for you at all?

Dr. Erika Thost: It is a vulnerable thing, and thanks for giving me a chance to talk about it.  Most of those M.D.s are male, and it’s easy to get intimidated.  And I do find myself getting shy, and sort of saying “can I really do this, can I be talking about the prostate, and where the prostate is located?”.  And then once I start talking, there’s something about–maybe because I’m a woman and I do feel comfortable about it, deep inside–that once I get going, everyone around me seems to be OK too.  They may be laughing about it, but that’s fine.

Dr. Patti Taylor: Well, there’s a reason that–I think enthusiasm is a very infectious thing.  So there’s something you’re very enthusiastic about that you’re clearly conveying to these people.  So what’s the upside, if you will, of having a prostate massage–or, can you call it an anal massage, or is it a prostate massage?  And what’s the benefit that you are conveying to get so excited about?  Because clearly this is something you are deeply passionate about.

Dr. Erika Thost: Well, I am on a mission for the guys to realize that they have a male G-spot just like us women got to realize that a couple decades ago.  And actually, Patti, I need to do a little aside here.  It turns out that when women ask me “why would guys want this?”, and I say to them “well, you know how you discovered your G-spot, and at first it wasn’t that pleasurable–it’s a learned pleasure, you have to experience it for a while?”.  And they look at me and they say “well actually, Erika, I haven’t ever actually felt my G-spot–we really don’t actually work on my G-spot, my partner and I, because we haven’t found it”.  So Patti, you and I really need to do another podcast on how to find the woman’s G-spot.  There’s been a lot of talk about it, but it actually is not happening as much as one thinks.  But anyway, so for why to do this….  Men have always known that the penis is a great source of pleasure for them, and it is so cool for them to discover that inside, in a vulnerable place, in a taboo area, there is another place that also gives pleasure, and it’s a pleasure of a very different kind.

Dr. Patti Taylor: Well thank you, yes, and I think you are right that the female is considered the equivalent of the male prostate.  So could you tell us a little bit more about this male equivalent of the woman’s G-spot?  I think that has to be amazingly exciting for the men, and I agree with you, I think that men have been quite underserved as far as getting to examine this area.  And I have to tell you that I’m just as excited as you are that you’re on this show and bringing this information to men and coming out in the open and encouraging these explorations.  So please, tell us more.

Dr. Erika Thost: About the female G-spot–it’s actually trickier to find than the male G-spot, because to me it’s more a thing that you find by the woman telling you what she feels as you’re exploring with your fingers.  However, the male G-spot, the prostate, is a discrete spot inside there, and it’s very easy to find.  And as I say on my CD, you really do have to do this carefully and with focus.  You don’t want to just be shoving a finger in there.  He is not going to like it, and it’s not going to work.  However, the fact is that with the proper way to do it, you insert a finger into his anus so that he enjoys it, and as you slide up the front of his body you will find the prostate an inch-and-a-half or so inside.  And it’s not hard to find.  How cool is that?

Dr. Patti Taylor: That’s really exciting.  So there is a rainbow at the end of this–I mean a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, and it’s an easy one to find.  Well, what does it feel like?  Is it a walnut kind of thing here?

Dr. Erika Thost: It is.  It’s got that, like, half of a walnut, like a butterfly.  Two lobes with a little indented line in the middle.  Now you can’t always feel that indented line.  However, as you slide your finger up, you will feel that edge.  Sometimes, some men have more connective tissue over and some have less, so it can be more prominent or less prominent.  One word of caution is, when you first touch the prostate, you want to touch it so lightly that you may not even realize that you’re touching it.  It can be super, super sensitive.  And one more really great thing that can happen is, as you have your finger on the prostate, if you’re just resting there–which is enough to start with–sometimes you can feel his pulse just like you can feel your pulse at your wrist or your neck.  And to me, that is just so sweet and so connected.

Dr. Patti Taylor: Ooooh, I’m jealous.  I want my prostate stroked.  Oh wait a minute, I can’t have my prostate stroked too.  Well, I want men to have their prostates stroked.  Now you can actually stroke the external prostate as well, fortunately, so we don’t have to go right inside right away, do you?  I mean, we can start with the outer one, if I’m not mistaken.

Dr. Erika Thost: Great point, Patti.  And the external prostate is between the scrotum and the anus.  It’s that flat area.  It’s also called the perineum, or some of us call it the “tain’t”, because “it ain’t the front, and it ain’t the back”, and if you push there, it can also have that nice effect of delaying a man’s ejaculation if he wishes that.  And if you push there and very slowly and gently rub and hold, there will be some prostate massage via that.  However, the tricky part is, in order to get the full benefit of the external massage, it actually is easier if the man has experienced the internal one first because then he can identify the feeling better.  And secondly, therapeutically–if you’re doing it partly for his health, which I think is a very good thing–the external one is not really going to do that.  If I want therapeutic benefits for the guy, as a physician–and I do his prostate massage for that purpose–it really has to be an internal one.

Dr. Patti Taylor: Well, that’s a really juicy tip, and I don’t know how it could get much better than that.  But believe it or not, therapeutic massage can actually be done on the prostate.  It’s actually good for you–and I know you’re a medical doctor–isn’t it true that they actually recommend doing this for a number of therapeutic reasons?  In terms of health benefits, in terms of keeping your prostate healthy?  We’re going to go to a break soon, but just quickly, aren’t there numerous healthy things for extending the life of your prostate?

Dr. Erika Thost: Well, I want to first say that it’s mostly about pleasure.  I want to really emphasize that.  And yes, it’s great for when the prostate becomes enlarged, for healing that some and reducing symptoms.

Dr. Patti Taylor: Well, thank you.  I’ve heard all kinds of rumors that–maybe many guys are just telling me this–but I’ve just heard all kinds of reasons why men want to get their prostate massaged.  Maybe after the break I’ll see if these are true, or if I was just being fed lines.  I don’t know.  But anyway, we’re going to take a quick break to thank our sponsors.  We’re talking with Dr. Erika here.  She does have a very informative set out.  It’s called Sexy Prostate, and you can find out more about this on her website, sexyprostate.com.  So please stay with us.  We will be right back


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